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E12 Professional Mentoring Program

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The E12 Professional Mentoring Program connects equity students with mentoring from an experienced industry professional to provide opportunities for these high potential students to explore career aspirations, develop employability skills, and create networks both at university and in the workplace.

This program is part of the University of Sydney's E12 Scheme, which recognises equity students who have a strong motivation for learning, a record of community leadership, and high potential to succeed. 

E12 Scholars may have experienced financial hardship, grew up in an area of socio-economic disadvantage, or attended a rural or regional school. By awarding them with a scholarship package, the University of Sydney aims to provide practical support for these future Australian leaders to fulfil their potential. 

Industry Mentors are accomplished industry professionals from the University of Sydney's worldwide alumni and supporter community. We thank them for generously volunteering their time to mentor our E12 Scholars.

Registrations for the E12 Professional Mentoring Program have closed for Semester 2, 2023. E12 Scholars and industry professionals interested in getting involved in the program in the future are encouraged to 
contact the Office of Student Life for further information. 

Industry Mentors

  • Connect with our community
  • Grow your professional networks
  • Share your knowledge and experience
  • Advance your leadership skills
  • Empower high-potential equity students

E12 Scholars

  • Meet other E12 Scholars
  • Grow your professional networks
  • Develop employability skills
  • Learn practical insights into the workplace
  • Explore opportunities and career aspirations

"The doors it has opened for me are countless and will shape the rest of my life."  - E12 Scholar.

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